Tuesday 13 December 2011

No crafting today

I've been to the dentist today so I'm not too good. I had to warn her about my vertigo so that she took the chair down slowly. I've had a deep scale and polish. Now that I'm getting long in the tooth I have to look after my teeth. I've had them a long time and don't want to lose them now. She warned me that they would be sensitive later today and she was right. I've taken some painkillers and will take more before I go to bed. My vertigo seems to be back with a vengeance so I haven't done much today. I have done some washing, very carefully, so that I didn't make any sudden movements with my head. I'm hoping I'll be feeling much better tomorrow. I've got some challenges to take part in.


  1. Hope you feel a lot better tomorrow .. take care .. and wrap up warm
    Lisa x

  2. Hope you're feeling much better today, Hazel! Take it easy. Hugs, Jayne x