Tuesday 5 April 2011

Fun Day

Today I haven't made any cards at all. Instead I've made some bracelets to add to the ones I already have ready for the table top sale on Sunday. I'll only put those up for sale if no-one else is selling jewellery. I'm actually booked to sell cards and the organisers have promised not to book any other card makers. It would be unfair of me to sell jewellery as well if they already have one jewellery table booked. I've enjoyed making them though so they can go to another sale if I don't use them on Sunday,. I've also made a chilli for tonight's dinner so I'm organised ahead of time. I think I've got time to have a game of Spider Solitaire now. I hope you're all enjoying your day whatever you may be doing. Have fun. Hazel x


  1. Hi Hazel, I was expecting to see a photo of your lovely bracelets! I love playing Spider Solitaire too. Good luck at the table sale! xx