Thursday, 25 April 2013

Latest in my Life

Still no viewers but the initial contract with the estate agent was up last Thursday. I have put it in the hands of another estate agent, closer to home and on the local High Street. With a bit of luck he might manage to get me some viewers.  My son and daughter in law have had a viewer who is very interested in their house but she needs to sell her house before putting an offer in. That suits us fine because we can't do anything until I sell my bigger house.

My car was due an MOT last weekend and my son was due to organise this for me. He and my daughter in law both work shifts so I didn't want to push them to get it done. Unknown to me he had phoned number one son in Kent to say that it wasn't worth getting it MOT'd because it would need lots of work done to it. Number one son and daughter in law came up to visit on Friday and told me they were going home on Sunday - a long way to come for two nights! Then they told me that we were going out to look at cars because they were going to buy me another. That was the reason for their short visit and was I pleased!

The four of us went out on Saturday to view cars and number two daughter in law went for a ride on her bike instead. We eventually ended up buying a Nissan Note - well, number one son and daughter in law ended up buying me a Nissan Note. It's two years old but like brand new to me because my other was about twelve years old! We can collect it on Tuesday and it will be taxed for a year, fully serviced and valeted. I can hardly wait but I'm going to have a few practice runs in it before I go very far. I only started driving again when Eric was ill so I hadn't driven for about twenty odd years before that and was quite rusty.

I'm one lucky lady in many respects and Eric will be looking down and smiling. Many, many thanks are due to my lovely family, all four of them.

Some close friends of mine have just sold their house and are heading back to Australia. We met when their son started school with my number one son and we've been friends ever since. They emigrated to Australia when the boys were about ten and then they came back about ten or twelve years later, went back for a couple of years then came home again. They lived in Shropshire for quite a while before heading back to their home turf. They've been here for four years but have decided to take one last adventure and head back to live close to their daughter and family. We used to meet up every month for lunch so I'm going to miss them. They've been a real support to me over the past few months. When they get settled I'll have to think about going out there to visit. I'll not have to leave it too late because we're all getting a bit long in the tooth.

Thanks for calling by and thanks for all your comments.


  1. It's really nice to hear from you hazel. What a lovely surprise with the new car!!. So glad you have your family around and I am sure the house will get many viewers soon. I hope one day you will go and visit your friends abroad. Sounds like an exciting trip .Take care and hope to hear from you again soon
    x catherine

  2. Whose a lucky girl then - can imagine how excited you are about the car. Do you give cars names? I do, mine is called Jemima lol. Fingers still crossed re the house. Hugs Jane xxx

  3. Aw this is so lovely to hear Hazel - you have such a lovely family looking after you - just the way it should be, hope that viewer turns up soon but in the meantime enjoy that lovely new car hugs Judith x

  4. Such a lovely thing for your son/s to do. You really are blessed to have such a good family. Hope you find a viewer soon but these things all happen in their own time. Glad to see you being a bit more cheerful. Enjoy your new car.

  5. How lovely is your son buying you a new car so you don't have tom worry!!! His dad would be very proud of him looking after you like that!!
    I'm really pleased to hear you had something to smile about lately and I'm sur e the local estate agent will come up trumps!
    Hugs Laurie xx

  6. Ooh, what lovely news about your new car Hazel! I'll keep my fingers crossed for some viewers!