Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I'm moving


I'm going to be moving house in a few weeks so my crafting is going to be taking a back seat for a while.

I've lived in this house for twenty nine years so it will be a big upheaval for me. It's much too big for me and even with Lily, my Staffie, it's very lonely.

My son and daughter in law live in a little village in Northumberland and I'm going to be living very close to them. It means that they are there if I need help at any time. In a way I'm looking forward to it and I hope this is what Eric would want for me.

There are lovely walks for the dog - ether countryside or seaside - so she will be in her element.

The house is in need of some work so I'm taking a break from Moving Along with the Times DT until my new craft room is sorted and my internet is connected again. Aagh, so many things to think about.

Thank you all for staying with me over these past few years when my card making was very sparse. I'm hoping to be back with a vengeance very soon! lol


  1. Good luck with your move HAzel and I'm sure youwill be very happy. Such a bonus being closer toyour son and daughter in law. We weill be ready and waiting when you return to us! Take care! Christine xx

  2. Best wishes on your move Hazel and I am sure Eruc would want what is best for you. Can understand how you will miss your home but new adventures await you. My daughter is moving soon and I shall follow to a new home not far from her. I have lived here for 58 years and have so many friends and memories but am looking forward to what lies ahead. Keep us informed and be back soon.
    Hugs and thoughts,
    Hazel c uk