Saturday, 19 February 2011

No card so far today

I've posted that there'll be no card today and that's because I've only just sat down! I've had a busy morning but I'm so happy because I've done lots of work. I feel so much better after catching up with the dreaded housework and gardening. When number one son and his friend left last weekend after doing lots of DIY jobs for us they had left a lot of spikey shrubbery that we just didn't have room for in the two cars when we went to the tip. They had done a lot of gardening and we filled both cars but I told them to leave this and I would get rid of it in to the garden recycling bin as soon as the weather got better. Recycling comes on Monday morning and after listening to the weather forecast I thought I should try to get rid of it in case of snow. I put my crocs and a mac on (it was pouring with rain) my thick gardening gloves and dragged it all in to the garage. I then chopped it into small pieces and put it in to the recycling bin, hurray! That was before I'd even made breakfast or fed the birds. After breakfast I put one load of washing in and made a tray of cheese scones. I've now done three loads of washing and the last one is in the dryer. It's time for a rest after a coffee and two cheese scones. I'm half way through a card so if I do get it finished I'll show it to you later. Hope you're all happy today on this miserable Saturday morning. (I think the weather is probably the same where you are.)

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  1. Sounds like a very busy day Hazel, would you like to come and do my housework now? LOL only joking,, i just dont seem to get mine done, but will soon after op on my back
    Loving your blog Hazel, well done,
    Wendy xx