Thursday, 2 June 2011

Busy Thursday

We've had a busy day today as usual. Thursday is the day we go to visit my sister in her Care Home. After that we usually go for lunch and then come home for an afternoon rest. Today we came home and I decided I would try to cut the grass in the back garden. I thought that because my daughter in law had used the petrol mower a couple of weeks ago it might be easier to start today. Big mistake. I huffed and puffed to get it out of the garage and on to the grass and then couldn't get the handle fastened. Eric struggled to help and managed to get it fastened. There was no way I could pull the cord and so the machine had to be humped back into the garage and the grass still needs to be cut. Since then I've started on one challenge card and got half way through before hitting a brick wall. Nothing I'm doing seems to work out so I've put it to one side and I'm not going to finish a card this evening. I'm going to sit and colour in some stamped images. I hope you're all enjoying this lovely weather. It's been beautiful today and I'm hoping that it will be just as nice for the weekend. Whatever you're doing I hope you have fun.

Jan - if you're reading this - I haven't forgotten about the PC problem I'm still making enquiries.

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  1. Hope you feeling better today Hazel. All I want to do is colour in Lol! I just can't settle to anything else. Things are piling up!! As they do. Thanks for the enquiries Hazel. Have a good weekend xx Jan