Friday, 29 June 2012

No crafting

I'm sorry to say that I can't do any crafting at the minute because I can't sit at my workbench. I've hurt my back somehow. I was sweeping the garage floor yesterday and when I'd finished I could hardly walk. I'm in agony when I try to sit down or when I try to get up. :(

This morning I went to see my niece's new baby. He was born early on Monday morning and is now at home with Mummy and Daddy. Eric still has pneumonia so wasn't able to come but our younger son, Tim, came to pick me up. He and his wife are expecting new puppies about now so DIL couldn't come either. Anyway, I decided I would show you a photo of William, seeing that I have no cards, jotters or anything else crafty to show you. Here he is with his pressie from Tim - only Tim would choose something like this!

We had a happy morning but I'm not having a very happy evening - these painkillers are worse than useless.


  1. oh my Hazel isn't he adorable. Sorry your in pain and do hope you find some relief quickly. Put your feet up and watch some telly
    x catherine

  2. How adorable Hazel, now either that's a very big teddy or he's a tiny baby. Lovely photo. Carol x

    1. William was 7 lbs. 8 ozs. so a reasonable size - however, Teddy was huge and I dread to think where they are going to keep him. He needs a bedroom to himself! Hazel x

  3. Sounds like you and Eric are having a time of it lately!
    I hope your soon pain free Hazel, there is NOTHING worse than a bad back!
    That teddy bear is amazing! I want one!
    Hugs Laurie xx

  4. Sorry your struggling Hazel. Hope things improve soon. Adorable baby. xx Jan