Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sorry, I'm AWOL at the minute.

Hello Friends

I'm sorry that I haven't posted since Sunday. Eric's not well and it's just been confirmed today that he has pneumonia. Due to other health problems he can't do much anyway but at the minute he's even eating less! We seem to be spending our time travelling between GP surgeries and hospital departments. I've been to the hospital today for my vertigo problem. I had to see a balance rehabilitation officer and fortunately the horrible treatment that I had a few months ago seems to have had the desired effect. Yippee. I have some exercises to do to counteract any faint dizzy spells and if they are more severe I can ring the hospital and make another appointment. We're back to the same hospital tomorrow for Eric's rheumatoid arthritis follow up. Our daughter in law says that we shouldn't have too much fun!!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why I've been AWOL. I have tried to comment on some cards and I hope to be back in the swing of things very soon. Stay happy.


  1. Aw hazel sorry to read this hope Eric is feeling better soon. xx Jan

  2. Oh Hazel, I do hope Eric is better soon. Look after yourself too!

  3. Sorry to see that you are having such a bad time. Hope Eric is better very soon and that your vertigo clears up. Take care.

  4. Hazel I'm sorry to hear Eric is not well and hope things improve quickly for him. It sounds like a rough time for you so try to take it easy if you can and look after yourselves. I had the same thing as you and had the balance exercises to do. Things have improved for me since a year ago. Thinking of you both
    x catherine

  5. Hazel me darlin oh I do hope Eric soon recovers from this horrible pneumonia darlin, what a lot you have going on bless you both, youtry and stay well sweetie, your precious huggies June xxxxx

  6. Wishing you both a speedy recovery, take care. Michelle x

  7. Wish you and your husband get well soon!!!

  8. Hi Hazel hope Eric feels better soon and you as well.
    Take care.
    Kathleen x

  9. Hello Hazel. Thanks for your lovely comment. I am looking with amazement at your blog as just want to join as a new follower...your cards are gorgeous.
    A wish for a speedy recovery for your hubby and yourself...take Aussie Annie