Friday, 29 September 2017

I'll be back

I moved house at the beginning of August and I'm still trying to get some semblance of order. I'm not able to join in with any challenges at the minute, or fulfil my design team obligations, but I will be back.

My previous house was too big for me and took a lot of work in house and garden which was getting more difficult for me by the day. I decided to downsize and because of my eye problem my sons and I felt it would be better if I moved nearer to one of them. I moved from Newcastle upon Tyne, a big city, to a Northumberland village. I'm five minutes walk away from my younger son and daughter in law. It's very quiet and suits me and my dog fine. The walks are beautiful.

However, no-one warned me about how difficult it would be to fit so much 'stuff'' into this tiny house. My craft room is packed and if I ever get the chance to craft again I hope I can find things.

My son is coming up north at the end of October to help me get more organised. Two sons together will get things done quickly I hope. Once my main computer is up and running I'll be able to join you all.

Thanks to all my design team buddies for bearing with me.


  1. Hope you settle well into your new home and will be very happy there. x Janice

  2. Hope you get sorted with the help of your sons.
    I am in the middle of doing what you have just done, ANY TIPS I am sorting and decluttering all the time, every time I go out I take a few things to the charity shop. It's not easy getting rid of things but the next house is a lot smaller so it must be done. Have a nice weekend. Hazel c uk

    1. Ugh, what can I say? It's horrendous. I thought
      I'd only taken what I really wanted to keep and then when I got into this tiny house realised that I couldn't keep lots. Twenty boxes went to BHF and another two to the Children's Society along with more furniture. I've just finished sorting more boxes this morning and at last I think I'm finished. Now I can get back into the routine of housework and crafting. Good luck.

    2. Thank you Hazel for answering my post. I see you support BHF that's where all my things go for my husband died of a heart attack aged 52 and both my son and mys of have had major heart surgery. Don't forget to rest in between the housework. Look forward to you coming back to blogging.

      Hazel c uk

  3. Hazel , moving house is such a monumental task ! I hope your sons will get you sorted and you can start crafting again.