Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Busy Day Again

I was up bright and breezy this morning because I was determined to get lots of housework done. My ironing was piling up because of my time spent decorating my craft room and I knew that I needed to wash again. Ugh. I put one load of washing in and then did some ironing. I did the usual tidying up and then put another load of washing in and did another pile of ironing. I was finished one lot and then another pile of clean washing was being added. It seemed never ending. I stopped at 12 noon and there is still loads of stuff waiting for me. I shut the dining room door so that I couldn't see it! Tomorrow we are at the Care Home to see my sister so I'll not get anything done at all. Friday we're meeting friends for lunch so another day of zilch housework. I can't get motivated to make any cards because I'm so tired.

I'll just have another game of Spider Solitaire.


  1. I hate housework!!!!! Lol

    I tend to do mine at weekends coz i work all week... too tired to iron once home.
    BUT.... I don't threat now, gotta have time to craft too x

    enjoy your luch out on Friday luv x

    hugs sally x

  2. Hazel, you have had a busy day. Hope this cheers you up - scroll down to the list near the bottom and someone called Hazel has won something - congratulations!!

    Take care, Kym xxx