Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Another busy day in my life

I made breakfast, we ate it, I washed up. I went out into the garden because the sun was shining and I spotted a basket at the bottom of the pond. We cleaned the pond out last autumn and one of the baskets must have got dislodged and fallen. During the winter I hadn't seen it but because the sun was shining in the right direction I saw it today. I put my rubber gloves on, got a plastic sheet to kneel on and stretched down. Eric can't do it because of his arthritis but he watched! When I stretched and couldn't stretch any further he said "wait, I'll give it a go" and I used my superhuman strength and stretched a little bit further and got it. A frog hopped back into the pond and the plastic sheet got soaked as I upended the pot, my trousers got soaked. Ugh. I discarded the pot into the bin after putting the contents into the garden waste bin. I then paid another visit to the bathroom to get washed and changed.

That was enough excitement for the day so I decided to prepare my cards for the table top sale. I'd started yesterday but gave it up as a bad job because it seemed never ending. I stuck coloured sticky dots on individual cards and the corresponding coloured dot on to a priced notice. I was so pleased with myself because I got them all finished before lunch time. I made notices, packed crates, baskets and everything is ready to pick up and load the car.

This afternoon, after I'd made lunch, we ate it and I washed up again. There seems to be a pattern to this job. I came upstairs to do some crafting - I made one Easter card purely because I wanted to make a card using the Precious Petals CD from Joanna Sheen that I hadn't used - and I've had it for months. Since then I've cut out various small nestie shapes that I can stamp greetings on to if I need any and I've played dozens of games of Spider Solitaire. I've made so many cards lately that I think I've scared my mojo into hiding. Hope your day has been a happy one. I've enjoyed mine.


  1. I'm exhausted reading this Hazel, lol!! What a day! xx

  2. A nice full day, I thought you were going to say that when you were reaching for the pot that you fell in. LOL But I'm glad you didn't even though that would have been funny. :)