Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Different sort of Tuesday

Normally we have a quiet day on a Tuesday but today we went to visit my sister in the Care Home. We usually go on a Thursday but as Eric has to go to the hospital on Thursday we had to rearrange our schedule. We meet up with my other sister and then go for lunch after our visit so we did all that today instead. Lunch was delicious as usual so tonight we had no cooking, only a sandwich to make. I've got a table top sale coming up, in about three weeks time, at our local Residents' Association so I'm busy getting goods ready for that. I've already got some cards, grunge band bracelets, bookmarks, and beaded bracelets in packs. I've been making some notelets this afternoon and I'm going to put those in packs of six. I'm not sure that I'll be doing the usual challenge cards until I get these out of the way but I'm enjoying this challenge!!

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