Sunday, 20 March 2011

Frustrating day

I'm so annoyed I'm ready to throw all my craft things out of my room in a paddy! I was all set to finish off an Easter card I'm making for my sister. I stamped an image yesterday and coloured it. I mounted it on to a nestie scalloped rectangle and scored and cut my card blank. I had the layout all worked out but would my Martha Stewart doiley lace edge punch work, NO!! I tried punching through greaseproof paper, kitchen foil, double layer of paper, all the usual remedies suggested by various people. I've just tried WD40 and it's half heartedly cut once and then stuck again. I've given up for the minute. I might wait to see if the WD40 works after leaving it for a while. This card is not meant to get finished, I'd already attempted a border stamp and made a mess of it - the doiley punched edge was going to remedy that mistake. Oh well, just as well there's no immediate hurry for the card. It can wait a couple of days until I'm more serene. Happy days. Hazel

After having my regular weekly telephone chat to number one son this morning I've made changes to my blog. He told me that although he checks my blog he doesn't like the fact that some of the challenge notices encroached on either the writing or my card images. I've managed to make some alterations and I have to admit that it makes my whole blog look a bit more balanced.

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  1. Oh, I do hate it when things go wrong too Hazel! Hope you can sort it out. xx