Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thursday - Rest

Today I've not made a card! The first day since setting up my blog. We went to the Care Home to visit my sister and by the time we got back and had a coffee it was late afternoon. I came upstairs with my new Joy dies and cut some of those out, to test them, as you do. I've played Spider Solitaire this evening because I just can't get in to making a card. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow. I've checked through all the blogs I usually follow and can't get any inspiration so I've given today up as a bad job. I've had a very happy day though, after getting good news about my sister in law, so I'm not too worried about missing a card. Hopefully I'll be back on track and there'll be a challenge card ready tomorrow. Have a happy evening.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you found your sister content Hazel, I'm just catching up on your blog...your doing so well with it and a days rest from it wont do any harm. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous cards with us.

    Love Sheila xx