Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Finished, yippee!

I know that some of you wanted to see my craftroom when it was redecorated so here it is. I finished it about half an hour ago after two days of solidly moving crafty items back in. This was supposed to be the fun bit but I found it to be the most frustrating. I bought more Really Useful boxes and managed to get everything put in place. Now I'm going to relax by making an engagement card for some neighbours. It's a beautiful sunny day and neighbours next door and over the back are all in their gardens. I'm too exhausted to go out but at least my room is sunny now. It's a happy day for me so I hope you're enjoying the sunshine.


  1. This looks amazing Hazel; so well organised and equipped and a lovely view from the window! Wish you well in your new room! xx

  2. I know it was a lot of work, but so worth it!! I know what you mean about the organizing part, it can be so hard and time consuming!!! Awhile back I reorganized my craft cottage and it took days!!!!

  3. Lucky you.... your craft room looks great x
    You have worked hard, but I bet you feel better for it now its done.

    I'm gonna have to wait until kids leave home to get one of those Lol

    hugs sally x

  4. WOW your room looks fabulous - I'm slowly turning green !!!!

  5. I've just found this post Hazel and your room looks fabulous! Well worth all that hard work. I'll bet you won't care what the weather is doing now and hubby will always know where he can find you! Lucky you, enjoy yourself. Hugs to you, Ellie Maggie x