Monday, 18 April 2011

Still going

I'm still not finished. This morning Eric and I went to the doctor's first to collect our prescriptions and then we went on to our usual food shopping at Tesco. After that we called in to M&S for some extra treats, yum. Then we drove on to Ikea so that I could collect another set of grey metal drawers. My idea was that I would transfer items out of a set of pink drawers that I bought in a moment of madness a few years ago!! I've been moving things ever since and I'm no further forward. I'm shattered again and I'm still not finished. How much longer can it go on? I've got some empty room on the long shelves but I have so much stuff that needs to be in drawers, rather than shelves. I'm going to have a rest now and then I might start again later on.

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