Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Thank you to all my followers

Thank you to my new followers, I appreciate it very much. Thank you to my long suffering followers for still visiting my blog when crafting is almost non existent.

I'm not doing any housework today as we've been to the hospital this morning. Eric had to have a lump on his arm scanned and as a hospital visit takes a big chunk out of the day I decided I would have a rest after getting home. We've had a sandwich for lunch and I'm just going to blog hop and make a card this afternoon. We're out tomorrow and Friday so I'll have to have a big catch up at the weekend.

I'm happy because my Christmas cards are all posted and my presents are all wrapped. I have lots of housework to do as we have the decorator coming in on Friday, thank goodness we're going out. When he's finished I'll have more tidying up to do - putting all the items back in place that are piled on the dining room table at the minute. Ugh. If I can get that done I'll just have to do some baking, to go in the freezer, and then I'll be ready for any visitors.


  1. Hi Hazel, I am one of your new followers! Well you sound like you are all organised for Christmas! I haven't written a single card and I havent bought all my presents yet! I think this weekend I will have to get organised! P x

  2. Hi Hazel...we have chatted over email and I thought I was a follower only to discover I wasn't!!! That has now been rectified :-D

    Well done you for being so organised...I'm still making my Christmas cards and as always they'll be late...just as well my motto is 'better late than never'!

    Hope Eric's scan isn't anything to worry about and it's just a precaution.

    Take care xx

  3. Hi Hazel, I've been one of your followers for a while and love popping over to your blog. Wow you have been busy and you seem so organised. I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet...I need to get my skates
    love n hugs,
    Diane xx

  4. Hi Hazel, just popping in to be a new follower. I am so jealous you are organised card wise for Christmas, you can sit back and relax now lol. Hope Eric's scan shows nothing to worry about:)

  5. My goodness Hazel - you are so organised. Hope Erics scan turns out ok.

  6. Hi Hazel just wanted to say hello and I hope Erics scan turns out ok. So pleased you have got some new followers, a lot of the girls I'm on DT blogs with thought they already did follow you, so pleased some popped over to join you and I hope some others do too!
    Good luck with the decorating, you're very brave to do it this close to Christmas
    Hugs Laurie x