Friday, 9 December 2011


We had the decorator in today painting the kitchen. Yesterday I had to move everything from the kitchen in to the dining room and the kitchen is like a ghost room with sheets draped over all the units........................ and I've got vertigo. Some friends came for our monthly get together and lunch out. I just had to be very careful which way I turned and I couldn't bend down at all. We had a beautiful lunch and then they went off home and we returned to see how far the decorator had got. The first coat is on and it's looking good. It's a little darker than I thought but hopefully it will look good when it's finished. He's back tomorrow and I'm hoping that it will get finished so that I have Sunday to move things back. We have a full week ahead of us next week, including a dental visit for me, and then we're on to Christmas week I haven't got a lot of time left to catch up with everything that needs to be done for the Christmas festivities. I hope this vertigo disappears soon because I don't want to go to the GP if I can help it. I'm still not up to crafting because every time I turn to go in to a drawer or to reach for something my head spins and I feel as if I'm falling, Yukky!

I hope you all have a happy weekend, thanks for calling in.


  1. Oh Hazel, so sorry about the vertigo. Dizziness is absolutely vile and you have all my sympathy. I seem to get labyrinthitis a few times a year (long story!!) and it takes over your life. Am sending you huge hugs and hope that this bout of vertigo settles really soon. Jayne xx

  2. Aww Hazel, I'm so sorry you are suffering with vertigo - it's really unpleasant and you can't really do much while you have it !!! Fingers crossed that the decorator finishes tomorrow so that you can get things back to normal.
    Take care and don't overdo things. Remember your health comes first!!
    Big Hugs!
    Sue xx

  3. Yuk Hazel vertigo is awful! I've only had it the once but my mum gets it a lot, hope your soon better. Just take it easy and relax, don't worry about all your jobs - they'll still be there waiting for you lol
    HUgs Laurie x

  4. Hazel- please see the G.P. - what you think is vertigo may in fact not be so. Your health is most important and all the other jobs can wait. Take care. Marie-Louise